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Power Switch 16A is a one-module switch used for high power devices. The switch hosts push button to power on/off your devices such as geysers, ovens, ACs, refrigerators and similar devices which require higher power. It has the capacity to handle 3.6 kilo watts of continuous load.


Pre- requisites

  • eGrid Hub
  • eGrid Switch Board


Technical Specifications

Load Voltage200 - 275 Volts AC / 50 Hz
Max Current16 Amps
Operating Temperature0° to 45° C
Digital Control ModeEDGE Net TM (eGrid common Data Gear Entente)


Product Manufacturer Specifications

  • Model no: EGE11R
  • SKU No: EG-HS-T02-V01
  • Warranty: 1 year

Power Switch 16A

SKU: TS-PS16-01
₹6,999.00 Regular Price
₹3,499.50Sale Price
Excluding Taxes

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